Know Everything About the Model Escorts

Model Escorts

Model escort is a term, which we use for the glamour girls who are into erotic profession. In general term, we name them high-profile prostitutes. These girls are different from the call girls. Their earning is good. They are coming from high-class or upper middle-class societies. Thus, for model escorts, prostitution is not compulsion. Nor anybody force them to involve in sex trade.

Grades of Model Escorts

Grade 3 Model Escorts

There are three types of model escorts are present in the prostitution industry. The cheaper one or grade 3 models are the new entries in the field of glamour. These girls are in the phase of transforming. They are beautiful and hot. However, to get the success, they will need to work more on their personality. By the way, you can hire these girls on very low price.

Grade 2 Model Escorts

You must be quite familiar with the grade 2 model escorts. In everyday life you must be seen them in paper ads, or in some shopping portals. These girls are attractive and super-hot. They are on their way to achieve good height in glamour industry. However, as of now these girls are struggling to get good offers. If you wish to hire such sexy escorts in Bangalore, you have to spend handsome amount.

Grade 1 or Celebrity Model Escorts

Do we really need to explain about high-profile model escorts?

Well it is a well-known fact that some popular models and celebrities do involve in sex trade. These are the grade 1 model escorts. You can hire them too. However, to hire them first you need a right contact. Then, you will need to win the trust of that escort agency. Then only you will be able to hire celebrity escorts. I do provide celebrity escorts in Bangalore. Thus, once you win my trust on you, you will get the celebrities too. Just call me, and hire a girl for escort service in Bangalore. After few successful transactions, I will give you a chance to book a film star escort for you.

Type Rate (Rs.)
Grade 1 Model Escorts Starting From ₹ 25,000
Grade 2 Model Escorts Starting From ₹ 100,000
Celebrity Escorts Starting From ₹ 2.5 Lakhs

List of Reliable Escort Agencies

Many escort agencies are present in the sex trade business. Yet only few are reliable and trustworthy. Thus, if you want to hire high profile escorts for you, please check this list of trusted escort service providers of India.

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