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High Profile Model Escorts are most exclusive segment in the business of Prostitution. Similarly, some moments are precious in our life. As a Model escort, I will help you to make that moment memorable for you!!
I am Ritu Verma. I am a very well settled, elite class female escort, serving in Bangalore City. I stay near Kempegowda International Airport, Devanahalli, Bengaluru. This area is one of the posh locality of Bangalore city, and only elite class people can afford to settle in this locality.

I believe that life is too short, and we have only two choices. One is to follow the regular lifestyle, and another is to live a guilt free lifestyle. Well, my natural choice is the option 2. But, the fact is that, I am a part of the most elite class society, as well as I am a popular female model. Thus, every next day I will have to face the society. Therefore, I appointed a Bangalore escort booking manager, who is responsible to get the right person for me.

For me, Good time means party, alcohol, and good company. This helps me to satisfy my own desires. But, you also need to understand that my time is very precious. Thus, I love to spend quality time with high society personals only. In addition, as a professional escort, I know my job. Thus, I can assure you about the service standards.

Model Escort Bangalore

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Why I am into Bangalore Escorts Industry?

In reality, I am as normal as any other high society girl. My family background is also very good. And, I am working as a professional female model.

At present my age is 26 years. Thus, my sexual desires are very high. And, before losing that sense of sensuality, I want to enjoy the maximum erotic moments. I love cuddling, kissing, and foreplay during the love making sessions. These activities help to trigger my sex desires. And, once you turned me on, it will be tough for you to control my erotic activities. In short, I am inviting you to spend one night with me. And, I am assuring you that, you will never forget that one night stand throughout your life.

Apart from sexual senses, desire of prosperity is another factor which motivates me to work as a model escort in Bangalore. I am from north India. And I am afraid to disclosure of my real identity. Thus it is not possible for me to work as a high class escort in the cities like Delhi and Chandigad. Therefore, I have selected Bangalore, where I can fearlessly live the life of a high profile escort. Here, I lived a lavish lifestyle; meet the most amazing personalities and enjoying great sex with elite class clients.

Moreover, I would like to admit that, Bangalore escort industry gives me the Luxury lifestyle. In addition, it gives me a chance to meet affluent people, which matters most for a girl like me.

Bangalore escorts service

Hire High Class Escorts Everyday

I am not alone. Many other high class escorts are present in Bangalore. And, most of them are my friends. Some of them are model escort like me. Some are college girls. And some are actresses. Thus, I can also help you to get a new high profile escort every day. If you have potential to spend on girls, then I will give you multiple options every day. And, I assure you, all the girls of my group are from well to do families. We all are providing escort service in Bangalore just for fun. Thus, please do not dare to compare us with regular call girls or prostitutes. Our class is very different, and we are giving our services to the elite-class people only. Even, we are not doing this job on regular basis. Whenever, we require cash to get some luxury items, only that time we make ourselves available. Or, if any high-profile client ready to pay as per our expectation, then only we accompany them. Thus, this is basically depends on the mood and offer made by our clients. If you also want to accompany any high class escort in Bangalore, then you need to contact on +91-7218990424.

High Class Escorts in Bangalore

Hire Best Escort Service in Bangalore

Hire model escort, student escort or air-hostess escort by dial +91-7218990424. Me or my manager will attend the phone, and discuss about your likes and dislikes. Moreover, we prefer straight talks. Thus to get a best escort service in Bangalore, read the following terms and conditions.

Get an Escort Service in Bangalore
  • Whenever you are ready to accompany high profile escort, only that time contact me. Because, most of the time I am busy in assisting other clients.
  • I am an independent escort. Like me, many of my female friends are also providing escort service in Bangalore. Some of them are also model, some are teen age students, and some are college girls. In addition, some elite-class housewives are also in my contact. The rates are different for every segment. Thus, to save the time, please tell him about your budget. This will help him to short the girl for you. And as per your budget, he will mail you the pics. Later on, you can choose any of them.
I believe, the steps given above will help you to get the best escort in Bangalore. And, that's the right method to approach any escort agency.

Other High Profile Escorts

There are many girls are in my contact. These girls are from various cities and from various fields. But the common factor is their beauty, charm, education and class from which they belong. Thus, I can assure you that you will get the best female escorts from me. Because, all the girls of my network are high profile escorts. You can get these high class escorts in Bangalore. You just need to contact my manager and discuss about your requirements.

Bangalore Escort Service Rates

Type Examples Rate (Rs.)
High Society Escorts College Girls, Aspiring Models, Females from well to do families Starting From 15,000
High Profile Escorts Real Model Escorts, Air-Hostess Escorts Starting From 80,000
Elite Class Escorts TV Actresses, Film Actresses, Celebrity Models Starting From 1.5 Lakhs

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VIP Escort Bangalore


What do you mean by VIP escorts? They are not coming from mars. Those female escorts, who carry themselves well in high class society, are called as VIP female escorts. I am a model escort, and I know how to behave in public, how to enter the 5 star hotels and how to handle the situations. Thus, I am also an example of VIP escort. Like me, my friends (all are model escorts) also carry the same attitude and profile which makes us special. Thus, if you are looking for VIP escort in Bangalore, or model escort in Bangalore, you can hire me or my friends. Or, you can try one of us every next day. Finally, I am waiting for your call, and want to accompany you as soon as possible.